All the things I could do If I had a little money! It's a rich girl's world.. VINCUEBLOGPOST

Most of the time you are happy you're, A weirdo and before the introduction...SPOOKSHOWBLOGPOST

I could be your daddy daddy, if you take it gladly, gladly, Daddy, daddy!! LOCK&TUFTBLOGPOST

I'm condemned to the long endless night, And I live in the absense of light...GACHAGUILDEVENTBLOGPOST

Pickin' up my thot thot, tryna hit a hot spot.. GLUTZBLOGPOST

I'd rather cry all night, night, night Then let the feeling die, die, die Neon, neon, neon I'm still holding on, neon..GATCHAGUILDEVENTBLOGPOST

This necklace that you've got wrapped around my neck, Will choke me slowly to my death, And I'm into that..HENTAIHORROREVENTBLOGPOST